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Salamat Datang! Welcome to this guide to Malaysian culture.

Try it or not, it's up to you, but I recommend the quest. These days, many reputable hotels in Malaysia have this on their menu for the curious traveler as well. Of course the price is higher and the additional ingredients are more luxurious than those found at the roadside stall.

25 Malaysian Dishes You Should Know

The more popular ones are the red bean, barley, peanut and sweet potato soup. Typically found in Chinese dessert shops and the occasional Chinese coffee shops, it can be quite daunting for the uninitiated as the choices are almost limitless. This is because different dialects of Chinese make the same dessert with different ingredients. For example, there is a variant of the red bean soup that adds dried mandarin orange peel to the soup for a slightly tangy taste.

I actually like it both ways, each with its own distinctive complement to the primary ingredient. Sometimes, it can be so good that one bowl is just not enough, so be prepared to order seconds. Intermarriages amongst Chinese settlers and local Malays have given birth to a whole new culture called " Baba-Nyonya " or " Peranakan ". There are many varieties of " Nyonya Kuih " to choose from. A popular one is called " Ang Koo " which consists of a nut paste wrapped in a red turtle shell-shaped skin. The name itself literally means red turtle.

There is also " Onde Onde " which is melted "G ula Melaka " wrapped in a fluffy green skin coated with coconut grating. Once you bite into it, the sweet sugary liquid fills your mouth - absolute heaven! There are many more varieties of " Kuih " in which you will just have to try it to actually appreciate the multi-layered taste it offers. You can find them at your neighborhood roadside stalls to restaurants and even famous hotels. A Malaysian favorite anytime of the day!

Mostly sold by Chinese that sells an assortment of deep-fried desserts, yet it is not easy to find this delicacy everywhere. It is also sold in a block form and is normally given as gifts to family and friends during the festive month. There are a number of methods that this dessert can be eaten.

One is egg-dipped and pan-fried to a crisp. Then there is the deep-fried version that sandwiches the " Nin Gao " with a slice of yam and tapioca on each side, and once you bite into it, you will experience the gooey sweet texture of the " Nin Gao " playfully toying with your taste buds. Lastly, the homemade way that my family enjoys is to steam it. In its original form it is a solid block, careful you do not drop in on your toe. Once steamed, it will melt to a gooey sticky state.

It can be somewhat messy but worth the effort once you have a taste of it. You can either eat it just like that or twist it around with a fork and roll it over grated coconut. I personally enjoy it with "Gula Melaka". As you have noticed, both items are normally sold in tandem. There are many forms of eating this delectable dessert. It is always sold in hot form but it can be eaten in cold form.

Just stick it in the fridge for a couple of hour or so and let the texture harden a tad bit but gives a totally different experience to the taste. Sometimes it is also fun to add some soy bean milk to it to give it an even milkier feel. The classic moon cake is shaped like a moon and is filled with lotus paste with duck egg yolk which resembles somewhat like a moon as well.

These days, you can find moon cakes with all kinds of different shapes and sizes as well as skins and fillings. Unfortunately, this particular dessert is only sold from August until the day of the festival, which is in the early week of September. You will be hard-pressed to find it at any other time of the year. The egg yolk on the inside even resembles the real thing, except that it is made entirely of ice-cream. Of course, the pricing is also much higher. Dessert Name: " Air Batu Campur " a. Other countries have different names for it but they are almost the same.

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This particular delight is very refreshing especially for places with high temperatures and humidity. There are many variants of ABC for sure, so depending on where you order it, it might have different ingredients. So come get to know Malaysia a bit more. Here's a tour through 25 dishes you should know— laksa and rendang are only the beginning. All products linked here have been independently selected by our editors. We may earn a commission on purchases, as described in our affiliate policy.

Malaysian Desserts | ThingsAsian

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The Malaysian education system: An overview

Hello Eater! Observed among the Chinese, the festival commemorates the opening of hell's gates for the spirits from the lower realm to roam freely for a month.

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  • Things to note during the festival are the larger than life papier-mache figures and performances of Chinese opera and Ko-Tai energetic singing and dancing with performers in glittering costumes. September 16 commemorates the establishment of the Malaysian federation in , with the joining of Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak and Singapore to form Malaysia. Fondly known as the Tanglung Lantern Festival or the Mooncake Festival, it is celebrated by the Chinese to mark the end of the harvesting season.

    Mooncakes are a must as it also commemorates Chang Er, the moon goddess. Father and daughter inspecting the hanging Tanglungs Lanterns.

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    To commemorate the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha, the occasion is marked most significantly by the conclusion of the annual Haj pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca. Sacrificial-slaughtering, or korban, takes place in mosques, and the meat is distributed to the poor and needy. Also commonly referred to as Diwali or Festival of Lights, the festival is significant to all Hindus as it symbolises the triumph of good over evil.

    Oil lamps are lit to ward off darkness and evil, and like every other major cultural festivals in Malaysia, open houses are held. A religious festival to mark the birth of Jesus Christ for Christians, Christmas in Malaysia is celebrated like everywhere else in the world.

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    However, Christmas is also viewed as a universal celebration by many, one that that carries a secular rather than religious meaning. Even without the traditional "white Christmas", the celebrations carry on with a kaleidoscope of lights, endless Christmas displays, and crazy shopping deals for all!

    Culture Name

    Source: Department of Environment, Malaysia. Festivals and celebrations in Malaysia. Note: Some celebrations may vary from year to year as they are based on lunar calendars. February Chinese New Year Celebrated worldwide by the Chinese to mark the first day of the New Year in the Chinese lunar calendar, the celebrations last for 15 days. April Good Friday Held in churches to mark the "saddest day" in the Christian calendar, it is observed in remembrance of Christs' Passion, crucifixation and death.

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    • Malaysia Water Festival A country with natural settings of lakes, beaches, seas, Malaysia hosts this event annually with a variety of water-based sports.

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