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What is Literary Analysis Essay?

Your second essay assignment is a textual analysis. At the core of any idea of government is the belief that individuals need an organized allocation of authority to protect their well-being. Lao-tzu reflects on the ruler who would, by careful management, maintain a happy citizenry. He makes clear that the success of the existing form of government depends on good relations between the leader and the people. His view is that the less the Master needs to do—or the less government needs to intervene—the happier the people will be. Machiavelli places the survival of the prince rules above all other considerations of government and, unlike Lao-tzu, ignores the concerns and rights of the individual.

His commitment to a powerful prince is based on his view that in the long run strength will guarantee the peace and happiness of the citizen for whom independence is otherwise irrelevant. Your assignment is to write an essay analyzing the ideas of these three authors. What do these authors imply about the obligation of the state to the individual it governs, and about the obligation of the individual to the state?

Is one more important than the other? Those ideas are given to you simply to give you a jump start in your analysis. They are akin to the pre-reading questions that accompany each of these three texts. Audience: You are writing to your peers at Clark College; they are your audience. Textual analysis consists of breaking a text down into its component parts its language , determining what these parts mean, and then concluding how these parts relate to the whole.

A textual analysis is simply a persuasive essay. The best evidence for your thesis will be summary, paraphrase, and direct quotations from the texts.

It may be helpful for you to think about writing your papers as if you were a lawyer making your case. In your thesis statement, you want to be clear about what exactly you want to show this will state your answers to the above questions. The rest of your paper will provide evidence to back up your case. This paper should be at least 5 pages of clear prose, typed, double spaced, ingeniously titled, and page numbered! The peer draft never to be confused with your first draft is due Monday, October 24 , and your final draft is due Friday, October Thesis, focus, and purpose: The writer develops original ideas and complex observations about his or her chosen topic and supports and argues well for assertions.

Reasoning and Support: The writer chooses and provides meaningful evidence that supports the point being made; the writer uses sources ethically, giving credit where credit is due according to MLA standards for documentation.

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Organization: The essay has good structure; all pieces thesis, topic sentences, transitions between ideas are in place so that a reader can follow easily. Voice and Style: Use vocabulary and sentence structure appropriate to a college-level audience and purpose.

How to Write a Good Textual Analysis Essay: Example and Tips

It demonstrates clear critical thinking by developing a well-thought out central idea about the text s being analyzed and supporting it with logical evidence and a consistent point of view. The text s used are thoroughly contextualized and integrated into the overall argument; quotations, summaries, and paraphrases are introduced using appropriate signal phrases and are analyzed and interpreted.

Organization is logical with a clear thesis and topic sentences; the introduction is engaging and creative and the conclusion answers the "so what" question.

Tips for Writing a Textual Analysis Paper

The audience is thoughtfully considered. The paper meets all the requirements of the assignment.

Textual Analysis Essay Structure: How to Organize It?

For instance "I will analyze the two pieces in terms of content and purpose, point of view, tone, diction, imagery, and syntax. You now need to compare and contrast the two texts. Do not deal with text A and then text B. Rather, alternate between texts. For example, talk about the syntax used in one text, then compare or contrast it to the second text. You should have at least 4 or 5 body paragraphs written this way. Remember to focus of not only the literary and figurative devices used, but why the author uses them for what purpose?

This will be a major point of comparison or contrast between the texts. Each body paragraph should include evidence. A good way to ensure that each paragraph is complete is to follow the format of Statement Example quotation - Explanation SEE Example body paragraph: The author conveys the idea of fear and terror when he refers to the house as "desperately dark" and this use of alliteration emphasizes the main character's feelings as he enters the house.

This sharply contrasts with the house in text B which is described as "a large, welcoming bungalow When you have mentioned all the key points comparing the two texts you need to end with a short conclusion.

Textual Rhetorical Analysis

Don't be vague and say that the two texts have lots of similarities and differences - this is obvious. You can make a generalized point about how the two texts deal with the same theme but in a different way however try to add an element of originality. Did you find the texts effective? Is one more effective than the other? What was the message of each text? Was it effectively conveyed to you, the audience? Include your personal opinion of the texts here. If this is a summative assessment, you should be writing at least one draft before you begin your final copy for submission.

If this is on an exam, AIS or IB, leave yourself enough time to read over your paper, check for errors and clarity. STEP 7: Relax! You are done! But feel sorry for the person who had to mark 32 comparative textual analyses. And remember she loves chocolate. It deals with the controversial topic of testing cosmetics on animals. Text lb also deals with the subject of animals, however, unlike text la, it deals with one animal: the mouse. Being a poem, the text is highly imaginative and visual and the author, Gillian Clarke, contrasts the natural, idyllic world of The Field-mouse with the Bosnian crisis erupting in the s.

Both texts therefore share the common theme of animals and human reactions towards them. Being of different genres they clearly do not share the same focus and deal with the subject matter in contrasting ways.

How to Write a Textual Analysis Essay: Most Useful Tips for Students

In this analysis, the point of view, syntax, diction, tone and imagery in both pieces will be analyzed to illustrate how their theme is similar, but their focus differs. Example of a good conclusion: To conclude, the article and poem successfully deal with the subject of animals but in very different ways.

The Guardian's aim was to alert readers of the dangers concerning animal testing and to provoke emotion in its readers. It successfully does this through its informative style and reference to key case studies carried out by scientists. On the other hand, Gillian Clark's The Field-Mouse shows us the plight of one animal but, like The Guardian, refers to a newsworthy event.

This evokes emotion in the reader as it deals with the sensitive subject of war.

How Can I Create Stronger Analysis?

GabbySaid Follow. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Textual Analysis Essay 1. However, Fish tank and London to Brighton both have very short filmcredits, not involving a lot of information. Fish tank is very unusual as it only has threecredits, which are; The Production Company at 9 seconds, the production title at 14seconds and the film title at 22 seconds. This does not follow the complete rule ofconventions. London to Brighton is very similar to Fish tank as it only has four creditsinvolving; The production company at 1 second, various production credits at 13seconds, the film title at 16 seconds and then adding more film credits at 24 seconds.

How to Write a Literary Analysis

This is the correct convention rule that shouldbe followed. However, most social realism films do not have music in there openingcredit sequences. Fish tank, My name is Joe and London to Brighton all follows thisrule. In most Hollywood films they usually start off by non-diagetic sound by certainmusic to make the film opening much more interesting, but with social realism filmsthey usually do not add music in because they try and keep non-diagetic sound out ofthere films, the people making the social realism film rather stick to diagetic soundwithin the film.

Long take shots are the types of shots that usually go on for a whilewithout changing angles.

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Textual analysis essays

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