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Download the template compatible with Google Docs and Word Online , or read the text version below. I am confident that my teaching experience and my research interests make me an ideal candidate for your open position. Over the past five years, I have taught a variety of English courses. I have taught a number of American literature survey courses, as well as writing courses, including technical writing and first-year writing.

I have extensive experience working with ESL students, as well as students with a variety of learning disabilities, including dyslexia and dysgraphia, and disabilities like ADD and ADHD.

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I pride myself on creating a classroom environment that accommodates the needs of my students while still promoting a high level of critical thought and writing skills. Some of my most satisfying experiences as a teacher have come from helping struggling students to grasp difficult concepts, through a combination of individual conferences, class activities, and group discussion.

I know I would thrive as a teacher in your college, due to your belief in small classroom size and individualized support for students. Not only does my teaching experience suit the needs of your school and department, but my research interests also fit perfectly with your description of the ideal candidate. I argue that, rather than being submissive to the requirements of the editor or publisher, female authors, in fact, developed a more transparently reciprocal relationship between themselves and their readers than previously has been assumed.

I apply recent print-culture and book-history theory to my readings of novels, magazine articles, letters, and diary entries by various female authors, with a particular focus on Sara Willis known by her pseudonym Fanny Fern.

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I plan to develop my dissertation into a book manuscript and continue to research the role of female writers in antebellum magazine culture, with a particular focus on the rise and influence of female magazine editors on literary culture. My research interests have both shaped and been shaped by my recent teaching experiences. Last spring, I developed and taught a course on the history of print culture in America. I combined readings on theory and literature that addressed issues of print with visits to local historical museums and archives.

My students conducted in-depth studies on particular texts magazines, newspapers, novels for their final papers. I believe my interdisciplinary teaching style, particularly my emphasis on material culture, would fit in well with the interdisciplinary nature of your English department. I am therefore confident that my teaching experience, my skill in working with ESL and LD students, and my research interests all make me an excellent candidate for the assistant professor of English position at ABC College.

I have attached my curriculum vitae and the two requested sample publications.

I would be happy to send you any additional materials such as letters of reference, teaching evaluations, and past and proposed course syllabi. I will be available to meet with you at either the MLA or C19 conference, or anywhere else at your convenience.

Thank you so much for your consideration; I look forward to hearing from you.

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I am confident that my research interests and teaching experience make me an ideal candidate for your open position. Application requirements for faculty positions may include:. Interviews for faculty positions are likely to be lengthier and more intense than other job interviews. Here are a few tips to help you prepare:.

Finding a job in academia can seem like a full-time job in itself. Follow these steps to make the process more manageable and prepare for landing the postsecondary teaching position you desire.

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Keeping your best employees from leaving starts with creating a culture of openness and transparency. Business , Career. Bridget Spackman wanted an advanced degree; the FlexPath format made that a reality at Capella University. You've subscribed to the Capella University blog. Watch your email for information on the latest industry trends, career advice, and skills to stay at the top of your field. October 23, Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Capella does not guarantee its programs will lead to a job, promotion, or other career advancement.

Get the Proper Education. Identify and Connect with Potential Employers. Specific steps you can take include: Participate in professional groups for educators, including informal ones on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. Meet and demonstrate the necessary qualifications in your application. Application requirements for faculty positions may include: Cover letter.

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Your cover letter for a teaching position should reflect that you understand the purpose and mission of the educational institution, as well as the student population. Curriculum Vitae CV. A CV is used in lieu of a resume when applying for positions in academia. Trinity, founded in , is an independent, coeducational, primarily residential university with a predominant emphasis on undergraduate education in the liberal arts and sciences tradition.

Highly selective in its admission standards, Trinity is rapidly becoming one of the foremost institutions of its type in the United States.

The quality of both faculty and students is acknowledged to be among the finest in the country. Undergraduate enrollment is approximately 2,, including students from all parts of the United States and many foreign nations. An attractive campus overlooks downtown San Antonio, a city rich in heritage and ethnic diversity with a population of approximately one million. Would you say that an ad requesting a generalist might be an indication that a teaching-centric letter is called for? This is a very small college in a rural area. Definitely not a place like Grinnell! I meant to note its status as well as its location and size in my original post but forgot.

Thanks for the reply! Do some detective work to find out the teaching load. Usually the course schedule can be accessed publicly. Look at that to see how many courses people are doing. Is the juice worth the squeeze, so to speak? So all of us who have adjuncted for years without publishing should kill ourselves, correct? To get ourselves out of the way for the golden children?

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No, you can still apply for the jobs that are truly teaching-focused: community college and probably other instructor-type positions. This is great information.

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However, if applying for a C. C position, and you are only currently an adjunct, should you still use the letterhead of the current institution you work for?

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In addition, should you include this on your CV as recommended in your CV post? Your blog fills a huge void. My history Ph. Dear Karen, How do I address in the letter my position towards a Community College that advertises as part of the minimum qualifications:. I just want to say that you and your website are awesome. Keep up the good work—.

letter of application for college teaching position Letter of application for college teaching position
letter of application for college teaching position Letter of application for college teaching position
letter of application for college teaching position Letter of application for college teaching position
letter of application for college teaching position Letter of application for college teaching position
letter of application for college teaching position Letter of application for college teaching position

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