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Long and Short Essay on Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens in English

As per the international law, every individual has the right to freedom from torture. This has been prohibited since the mid 20 th century. This means that every individual has the right to travel, live, work or study in any part of the state he resides in. As per this right, slavery and slave trades are prohibited in every form. However, unfortunately these ill practices still go on illegally.

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While every human being is entitled to human rights, these rights are often violated. The violation of these rights occurs when actions by state ignore, deny or abuse these rights. The United Nations committees are set up to keep a check on human rights abuses. Many national institutions, non-governmental organizations and governments also monitor these to ensure that individuals are not denied of their basic rights. These organizations work towards spreading awareness about the human rights so that people are well informed about the rights they have.

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They also protest against inhumane practices. These protests have led to calls for action many a times and eventually improved the situation. Human rights are the basic rights given to every individual. Known to be universal, these rights are guarded by the law. However, unfortunately many a times these are violated by states, individuals or groups. It is almost inhuman to deprive a person of these basic rights.

This is the reason why many organizations have been established to guard these rights. The idea of human rights has been there for much of the human history.

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However, the concept differed in the earlier times. Here is a detailed look at this concept. Human rights have broadly been classified into two categorizes at the international level: civil and political rights, and social rights that include economic and cultural rights.

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  • It grants people the chance to contribute in the participation of government and determination of laws. These rights direct the government to act in a positive and interventionist way in order to devise conditions required for human life and development. Government of each country is expected to ensure the well-being of all its citizens.

    Every individual has the right to social security. Every human being has the right to life. This right is protected by law. Every person is entitled to the right of not being killed by another person. This right is, however, subject to the issues of self defence, capital punishment, abortion, war and euthanasia.

    As per human rights activists, death penalty violates the right to life. Every individual has the freedom of thought and conscience. A person also has the freedom to choose and change his religion at any point in time. This means that a citizen of a state has the right to travel, reside, work or study in any part of that state. However, this should be within the respect for rights of others. Torture is prohibited under the international law since the mid th century. Even though torture is considered to be immoral, organizations that monitor violation of human rights report that states use this extensively for interrogation and punishment.

    Many individuals and groups also inflict torture on others for different reasons. Every individual has the right to fair trial by a competent and impartial court. This right also includes the right to be heard within reasonable time, right to public hearing, right to counsel and right to interpretation.

    This right has been defined in various regional and international human rights instruments. As per this right, no one shall be held in slavery. Slavery and slave trades are said to be prohibited in all forms. However, despite this slave trade still goes on in many parts of the world.

    Many social groups are working to curb the issue. Every individual has the right to speak freely and express his opinion. This is sometimes also referred to as the freedom of expression.

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    However, this right is not given in absolute in any country. It is usually subject to certain limitations such as obscenity, defamation and provocation for violence or crime, etc. Human Rights, the basic rights given to individuals on the account of them being human beings, are almost the same everywhere. However, at times these are violated by individuals, groups or the state itself.

    So, people need to stay on their guard against any violation of human rights. Speech on Human Rights. Speech on Human Rights Day. Essay on Role of Judiciary in the Country Today. Essay on Fundamental Rights. Essay on Democracy in India. Essay on Democracy vs. All the Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens essay are written very simply.

    So, you can select any essay according to your need and requirement:. Citizen is the person who lives as an inhabitant in any village or city of the state and country. We all are citizen of our country and have various rights and responsibilities towards our village, city, society, state and country.

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    Rights and duties of each citizen are very valuable and inter-related. Every state or country provides its citizens some fundamental civil rights such as personal rights, religious rights, social rights, moral rights, economic rights and political rights. As a citizen of the country we are morally and legally required to complete our duties always together. We should love and respect each other and live together without any difference.

    We are expected to sacrifice time to time in order to protect our country. Citizens living in the country must know their rights and responsibilities. Understanding all the rules and regulation presented by the government may help every citizen in completing their responsibilities towards country. We must understand our rights for our own well being and freedom in the country as well as serve for the communities and country.

    The constitution of India called as supreme law of India came into force in on 26 January which has given democratic rights to the Indian citizen. According to the Indian constitution, people of India have various rights and responsibilities.

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    There are around six fundamental rights of the Indian citizens without which no one can live in the democratic manner. Means, democracy in the country can work only if its citizens have rights. Such rights prevent the government from being dictatorial and cruel. Fundamental rights help people in their moral, material and personality development.

    In case of rights violations of someone, courts can protect and safeguard them. There are some fundamental responsibilities too for the peace and prosperity of the country.

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    Fundamental rights of the Indian citizens are given to them for the basic and essential conditions of good life for their progress. These fundamental rights are preserved in the Indian Constitution. Fundamental rights are protected and guaranteed to the citizens by supreme law while ordinary rights by the ordinary law. Fundamental rights of the citizens are not violable in ordinary situation however in some reasonable circumstances they can be suspended but temporarily.

    Citizens enjoy their fundamental rights living anywhere in the country. There are various responsibilities too of the good citizens which everyone must follow in order to improve surroundings and get inner peace. Fulfilling responsibilities towards country gives sense of ownership for the country. Being a good citizen of the country, we should not waste electricity, water, natural resources, public property, etc. We should follow all the rules and laws as well as pay tax timely.

    Fundamental rights given to the Indian citizens are essential part of the Constitution. Such fundamental rights can be altered by the Parliament using special procedure. No person other than Indian citizen is allowed to enjoy such rights except right to liberty, life, and personal property. Other fundamental rights except right to life and personal liberty can be suspended during time of emergency. Some fundamental rights are positive or negative in nature and always become superior to the ordinary laws. Some fundamental rights like freedom of speech, assembly, cultural right and educational rights are limited to citizens only.

    essay on my rights as a student Essay on my rights as a student
    essay on my rights as a student Essay on my rights as a student
    essay on my rights as a student Essay on my rights as a student
    essay on my rights as a student Essay on my rights as a student
    essay on my rights as a student Essay on my rights as a student
    essay on my rights as a student Essay on my rights as a student

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