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Third, your argument must follow the rules of logic. One point should flow logically to the next.

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Inductive arguments should mount sufficient evidence to prove their conclusions; deductive arguments should have sound and clear premises. If you are unfamiliar with the rules of logical reasoning, you might consider buying a writing manual which contains a chapter on logic. In practice, what are you going to argue? Formulating an argument about a writer like Shakespeare can be intimidating. The chances of saying something entirely original about Hamlet are remote.

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  • The point of writing an essay on Shakespeare, then, is not to discover anything new about the play, but rather to hone your own ability to think critically about a rich piece literature. In arguing about Shakespeare you are forcing yourself to think about all aspects of the play and its context. In doing so, you are coming to a deeper understanding of Shakespeare and his age.

    Now, when you sit down to write your essays, the first and most important thing you will need is a thesis. This is the sentence that tells your reader what your essay will argue. It is the single most important sentence in the essay, and everything you write in the body of the essay must directly relate to that sentence. Here are some tips on writing a thesis: first, it must be an arguable statement. It cannot be a question. This does not mean that every thesis must offer a cut-and-dried, black-or-white position. You can forcefully argue a middle position: "Brutus is neither a good man or an evil one" needs proving just as surely as "Brutus is a hopeless idealist" does.

    Similarly, a thesis cannot be a statement of fact. Finally, your thesis must not be too narrow or too broad. You want to argue something that can be satisfactorily proven within the length of the assignment. In the shorter, early paper for this course you will mount a very specific argument. In the longer later paper, you will have more room to develop a broader, more complicated argument.

    The process of creating a thesis has been made easier for you by the essay topics.

    William Shakespeare Essay Examples

    Each of these topics asks a question about the plays under study. Because these are questions, they cannot be used as your thesis. Rather, they are aids to help you begin to think about issues in the plays. Ponder the question that you find the most interesting or troubling and see if can form an opinion that answers the question. That opinion can be worked into a thesis. Then ask yourself, why do I have this opinion? The ideas you marshal in support of your opinion are the points that will be developed in your paragraphs.

    William Shakespeare is an English poet and playwright, often regarded as the greatest English-language writer and one of the best playwrights of the world William Shakespeare. He is also considered to be the national poet of England. The ideology of humanism in conjunction with the ideals and aspirations of people have always been the basis in his plays.

    William Shakespeare

    Shakespeare knew how to capture and uncover contradictions of his time — hence, there are the dynamics with conflicts and struggle and drama in his writings. The main theme of his works is the interaction between human and society — that is why while writing he was always trying to be up to date.

    English people in the 17th century believed in the diversity of evil spirits, who disrupted the order of nature, called the storm and predicted death and hunger. Having incorporated these supernatural elements in his play, he was unreservedly convinced that they were not just simple ghosts — they were creatures existed outside hallucinations. The story begins with an unusual demonstration of the powerful thunder, which implies some covered secrets are going to happen further.

    Along with this strong lighting readers also meet with three witches, who are represented as integral components of the uncanny atmosphere.

    How to Write a Good Shakespeare Essay? | Examples and Samples

    In addition to their existence in general, they are able to see the future. Furthermore, they are represented as an accelerator, which gives freedom to unfulfilled ambitions. The main hero believes them and finds himself to be full of determination and desire to accomplish prediction. The incredible vision of a dagger appears just before Macbeth is about to kill the King — it is one more example of preternatural in the story. Shakespeare endows this dagger with evil, which gives a push for Macbeth to commit this cruel crime.

    How to Write a Hook and Possible Ideas

    A dagger is visible only to him, and with the help of this scene the author is trying to show the gist — Macbeth is open to evil and darkness as he allows their entering in his soul. He becomes the victim of his own mind. At the beginning of the play, we see Macbeth as an intelligent and clever man with his own life principles and goals. But what happens then? He loses all his strong features being found in dependence on supernatural, which takes under control all events.

    Preternatural is portrayed in all acts of the story, where darkness exists. Nonetheless, supernatural elements are important and integral aspects of the story, and Shakespeare did everything in order to make people believe them and be captured by the possibility of their manifestation in real life.

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