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Here you can develop thesis statement on the importance of theses values shown in the story. Disclaimer: The papers provided by Educationalwriting. These papers are intended to be used for research and reference purposes only. Looking for Expert help with your Thesis Topic?

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Get It Now. The most important structure in early Anglo-Saxon settlements was the mead hall. It was often built in the center of a village. The men gathered there to discuss battle plans and strategies, along with other important issues. The mead hall was also the site of celebrations and feasts, and the warriors often used the mead hall for lodging. Again, this can be seen in Beowulf , with Herot, the golden hall of King Hrothgar. Good essay topics are effective only if you can rationally support them.

Include three or four major points to discuss.

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Below each paragraph topic, jot down some points that develop your ideas. If you have enough time, work on a single paragraph at one sitting. What form of essay outline is best? That depends on the topic and on your individual preference. You might find a simple, old fashioned numbered and lettered form to work best, or you might prefer a simpler outline to be better.

Writing an essay without using an outline is much like taking a trip to an unfamiliar destination without a map, directions, or GPS. Below are some good essay topics based on Beowulf. Some of these essay ideas are fairly easy to cover, while others are more difficult.

Choose one you think you can handle. Creating an essay outline should give you a pretty good idea about that. Discuss elements of Anglo-Saxon culture seen in the poem. Some points you might want to consider:. How is this revealed in the epic?

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Cite and discuss evidence from Beowulf. What evidence do you see in Beowulf of females playing a subservient role to men? How are women sometimes used as pawns to serve a specific purpose? Discuss elements of Christianity in Beowulf. How are these in direct contrast to pagan beliefs and practices in the epic? For example, God is mentioned numerous times.

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Sometimes Beowulf says that he is protected by God. Discuss Beowulf as an epic hero. Does he fit the mold, or not? If you decide on this essay idea, make sure you fully understand the concept of an epic hero before writing an essay about it. Discuss how Beowulf evolves from a fierce young warrior to a mature king. How do the two figures differ? How does Beowulf change over the years? Were the changes necessary to ensure Beowulf would be a good king?

Discuss the symbolism of the dragon. In Beowulf , the dragon represents both concepts. In a more generic way, the dragon could also symbolize evil. Compare and contrast Grendel to the Biblical Cain. In Beowulf , Grendel is said to carry the mark of Cain. What does that mean? Keep in mind the wergild, too. Discuss whether someone like Beowulf would be a good leader today.

Cite and discuss actual historic elements in Beowulf.


These include characters, places, and events. Do you need more essay help with Beowulf? An essay outline will help you get your thoughts about Beowulf in order. Writing an outline is especially important for high school students. Remember that organization is important when writing an essay. If you usually have trouble writing an essay or research paper, keep it fairly simple, but be sure to cover the subject thoroughly. An easy way to do this is to use your topic sentences at the beginning of each body paragraph.

Add several sentences to each body paragraph that support your topic sentence. Essay introductions are extremely important. The best way to craft your introduction is to begin broadly and gradually narrow the focus to your thesis statement. Most of my students found that writing the introduction after crafting the body paragraphs was easier for them to do. What does it say? Break it down: How does Beowulf fit as a good example of an epic hero?

In some sense, the superhero is one apart, someone who does not quite belong, but who is nonetheless needed by society. For example, use a web chart 9. Beowulf kills Grendel, his mom and later the dragon Kills mother underwater- supernatural powers How will you support your thesis?

Top 3 Beowulf Essay Topics

Begin to outline. How long will your essay be? Five paragraph essay? Or three paragraph? What kind of an essay will you be writing? Compare contrast Deductive logic Point-by-point analysis Development of a central theme Chronological history of an event Five-paragraph essay using the point-by-point structure. Introduction- includes thesis statement 2. First paragraph supporting the thesis point one. Use examples 3. Second paragraph stating second point. Third body paragraph- third point. Conclusion- wrap it up.

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  7. End it like you began- state the thesis. Introduction- include thesis statement- Beowulf is a classic epic warrior hero whose quest was to rid the land of danger. Although he was something of a glory seeker, he kills the evil monsters, Grendel, his mother and the dragon. The narrative says that he was greatly regarded for his bravery and skill in ridding the land of the scourge of monsters.

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    His quest was to rid land of danger, which he does by killing the monsters. Beowulf is a braggart. This is a common attribute of epic hero, include a citation and was expected of men of great courage and ability.

    good beowulf thesis statements Good beowulf thesis statements
    good beowulf thesis statements Good beowulf thesis statements
    good beowulf thesis statements Good beowulf thesis statements
    good beowulf thesis statements Good beowulf thesis statements
    good beowulf thesis statements Good beowulf thesis statements
    good beowulf thesis statements Good beowulf thesis statements
    good beowulf thesis statements Good beowulf thesis statements

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