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The Best 4 Day London Itinerary For First Time Visitors

It was certainly a relief at least from the long, arduous sitting. Never before have I found sitting to be so exhausting. I cannot describe the sheer pain from sitting so long that I felt in my—well, all over, really. Aches, coupled with a lack of sleep, being in a different country, and a general worry that I would not enjoy myself led to a great relief when we finally climbed off the bus. I put it in quotes because there is no pronoun, or any word for that matter, that sufficiently suits Harlowton.

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It reminds me of the Tower of Babel: some giant building reaching for a great pinnacle it can never achieve. It looms in the distance as you approach, never seeming to get closer, like some floating citadel in the clouds. Once you are standing in front of it, you cannot see the full enormity of it without looking around in a degree angle. In front, there are two main gates and each is the size of a small house. It strives to impress you beyond any previous point in which you have been impressed.

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And yet, it cannot. So, naturally, as soon as I stepped off the bus and stood in front of the manor, I realized that in no way would I regret coming on the trip. He sees how gorgeous the house is, so suddenly, his worries are gone? Traveling is about seeing wondrous landmarks and going to new places, right? Obviously if the very first location I saw was beyond words could describe, then the trip was bound to be worthwhile.

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So, sorry if that came off as tripe. And should you be wondering, yes, I am getting to my point, honestly. Just bear with me for a little while longer. Where was I before being rudely interrupted? Oh yes—after we arrived, I took a look around the inside of the house, and we were later given the full tour and short history. The inside of Harlaxton is really nice. Really, really nice. You can picture the shiny gold room that looks like the inside of a gleaming, gold-plated, jewel-encrusted chest, right?

The bulky cedar staircase designed to look like it climbs right up into the clouds? Just visit the manor yourself, then we can nod at each other in silent acknowledgement of the miracle that we have both witnessed. At any rate, on the tour we learned that Harlaxton was built by a very arrogant man who wanted a better home than Belvoir castle, which is five miles from the manor. So, three days into the trip , curious, and always having had a love affair with castles, I decided I wanted to begin my list of site-seeing locales.

I went out on a walk to the castle with Krystal, who I was just starting to become acquainted with.

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Krystal is one of the six who would compose a little posse that had stuck together for trips: Krystal, Liz, Bri, Jen, John, and myself. Liz, by this point, I knew well enough to call a friend and classified her as a strange, but amazing person. She also has a love affair with sheep, much like my love affair with castles.

In fact, I took a picture of her with some sheep on the way to Belvoir. Oh yes. I was digressing again. I was nothing but a very large smile for a few minutes as Krystal and I walked up to the entrance of the castle. It was my first real castle. There were battlements and towers and inside, there were paintings and suits of armor and the whole deal.

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No—I joke, honestly though we did spend a while looking at sheep. And regardless, a kind and cute woman who worked at the castle gave us a ride back to Harlowton. We got a high-five from the principal on our return, which was odd, simply put. The rest of the week went by mostly uneventful and that weekend, we the aforementioned posse headed off to London. London , London , London. You see and hear about London in TV shows and such and it looks so rustic. By the time we left, however, I believe we were all in agreement that London looked, felt, and smelled like a ghetto.

Or perhaps a garbage dump? No—ghetto for certain. The Tower of London was probably my favorite place. I got to know Bri, John, and Jen fairly well in London. And Bri? Yes, that seems fitting.

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Bri survives on cereal and ice cream. By the old rule of thumb, she should be a walking rice-crispy sundae. I saw parts of Westminster Abbey, including the rose chamber, which was a round room with giant stain glass windows. I also saw the Sherlock Holmes museum. Well, they claim it was a gay bar because there were one or two gay couples. Regardless, we had a few drinks the next night at our ghetto hostel and Liz who was drunk, I assume wanted to know how big my—well.

No one needs to know about that conversation. Some of us did get a slightly better hostel the next night and I think John and I fell in love with the cute Australian lady who ran the place. Wait, wait. It was nice, overall. We all knew the Underground like the back of our hands by the time we left. It frightened Jen and Bri nauseous, but it was still an incomparable method of traveling around the city.

And Bri becomes nauseous fairly often, I think. But if you think long and hard about the progression of this essay, you can figure it out. Safe travels and farewell, dear reader.

Additional Reference Material. Investigate transport, industrial revolution, modern medicine, everyday science and the science of the future. Many tourists line up just to get inside and experience of going back to history through the artifacts. London is known for the best known streets for shopping. Abbey Road! Now for musicians, this is a big deal! I mean, hello, The Beatles! Plus, Abbey Road Studios can be found nearby as well. There are a lot of bridges. A LOT. Home to Sherlock Holmes! Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Goals For Summer.

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i want to visit london essay I want to visit london essay
i want to visit london essay I want to visit london essay
i want to visit london essay I want to visit london essay
i want to visit london essay I want to visit london essay
i want to visit london essay I want to visit london essay
i want to visit london essay I want to visit london essay
i want to visit london essay I want to visit london essay
I want to visit london essay

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