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You must also have been accepted to an institution offering programs in firefighting, EMT, or paramedic. For more information or to [ For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship [ Students must have a minimum 3. The scholarship serves to promote the exhibitions and events industry by attracting college level students into the field of study and encouraging their pursuit with financial support. Scholarships are awarded [ Simo was the administrator at CCMAA for 15 years and was involved with preserving the history and promoting the practice of traditional Chinese martial arts.

She was beloved by her husband, the students of the Academy that she [ A competitive one-time award will be presented annually. To be eligible for this one-time award, each applicant [ Must be a sophomore, junior or senior enrolled in a U. The Society for Health Systems Scholarship is available to undergraduate students enrolled full-time, who have a minimum 3.

For more information or to apply, [ It functions to help reduce the barriers of education advancement and completion by providing the necessary skills for youth with disabilities. We believe that this will enable young people to become self-supporting participants in their communities. Scholarship recipients are [ Applicant must be a high school senior who will attend a four-year university starting in the fall and must have a signed letter from an accredited sleep specialist or neurologist with [ Jesse L. Students who are interested in applying for the scholarship must have a minimum cumulative 3.

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Jill M. Applicants must have a 3.

Students will be required to attend school on a full-time basis and [ The applicant must have demonstrated leadership, good sportsmanship, and excelled in the sport of football. Applicants must also have a 3. John F. Kennedy in Profiles in Courage. The maximum word count is 1, with a minimum of , not including citations and bibliography. Use at least five varied sources such as government documents, letters, newspaper articles, [ Applicants must also have a minimum 3.

Must write a essay on [ Students must be unconditionally admitted into JSU with a minimum 2.

DAR seeks local students for American History Essay Contests

Based primarily on offices held in extracurricular activities, leadership roles, and community involvement. This scholarship is renewable for one year, based on continued [ Students must be currently enrolled in a program of translation studies or Buddhist philosophy and are on track to become translators or are currently [ You must have a minimum 2. The required essay cannot exceed words. The emotional strain can be devastating to children and young adults. And for too many families, an untimely death also brings financial stress, making recovery all the more difficult. Recognizing the character and perseverance that so many young people show in the face of such adversity, Life Happens sponsors the annual [ We are a charitable educational organization dedicated to the advancement of African Americans pursuing careers in medical and healthcare related fields.

Applicants must be African American, graduating high school seniors who plan on attending a [ Few, however, focus on character development. Mainely Character makes character count. We reward exemplary individual behavior and make continuing education possible for deserving Maine students.

Only half of Maine's high school graduates go on to post-secondary education.

There are no contents that meet the filtering criteria.

That is one of the lowest rates [ Marguerite Young was a sincere Christian woman who was a faithful member of her church and an unwavering supporter of theological education for the training of faithful Christian ministers. Applicants must pursue a degree or studies in Theology and be enrolled full-time in a [ To be eligible for this scholarship, the student-athlete must have been associated with Massachusetts Youth Soccer for at least the past two years. Each application and supporting [ There are 10 awards given each year, and the program has produced more than successful alumni.

The program is open to Kentucky high school graduates with a minimum 3. Charles high school seniors that have made a positive impact regarding issues of bullying and cyber-bullying in their own school and community. Applicants must be currently enrolled as a full-time student, either within their high school or through an approved college program; reside in St. Charles County; have a minimum 3. The Mercatus Center's MA Fellowship program is targeted toward students with an interest in gaining advanced training [ To be eligible for this scholarship, applicant must be enrolled in [ All applicants must live in Michigan.

Applicants must be 17 years of age or older, have a current GPA of 2. Three scholarship awards are offered by the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Missouri. Requirements include demonstrating strong academic and personal [ Morris J. To this effort, the Foundation sponsors an annual essay contest open to both junior high and high school students. The Foundation also issues grants to a wide variety of educational, scientific [ Between 25 and 35 students will be selected for the award.

Those students will have the opportunity to renew the scholarship provided they maintain at 2. The scholarships will be awarded to five freshmen at Texas universities who are majoring in natural resource related field such as agricultural science, wildlife science, forestry, range science, [ To qualify, you must submit a word essay explaining why you want to pursue a career in the pet industry or in the field of animal health.

For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.

Congratulations to Luke Woithe, DAR essay contest winner!

Complete the application providing your present address and telephone number and, if different, your permanent home address and telephone number. Applications should be available at your department or the [ To qualify, complete the application and submit a to word essay explaining why you want to pursue a career in the companion animal industry.

There is a greater need for veterinarians who specialize in care and nutrition of these exotic pets. For more information or to apply, please [ To qualify, please submit a word essay explaining why you want to work in the exotic animal field. Contact your local DAR chapter to get started. Topic or Prompt: Each year the prompt is different but focuses on an important American historical event. In , the National Park Service celebrated its year anniversary. Identify its location. Discuss why and when it was established as a national park.

What makes this park one of our national treasures? Use a previous winning essay as a mentor text.

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Read the winning essay here. Read his essay at this link. The most recent contest required a journal-style essay. They then had to write a letter home about the experience. All DAR essays must provide historical facts within an innovative structure. This is a challenge for my sixth-graders at first, especially for those who have only mastered the paragraph. Again, blame it on the judge! Of course, many students enjoy pushing their essays to 1, words.

This leads to class discussions about the importance of every word doing its job. Prizes: The DAR offers awards at each local, state, division, and national level. Awards at lower levels vary. Constitution was passed by the United States Congress on June 4, , and was ratified on August 18, This amendment granted all American women the right to vote and hold elective office. Many Americans at the time viewed this as a radical change to the U.

Imagine you are living in while the women's suffrage campaigns were having impact on Americans politically and socially. Discuss the pros and cons of this new amendment the U. Congress has passed. First place winners will receive a certificate, ribbon, and a bronze medal. Second and third place winners will receive a certificate and ribbon. Schools of first place winners will receive an engraved plaque. First place winning essays one from each grade level are automatically forwarded to the Illinois District IV competition.

american history essay contest high school American history essay contest high school
american history essay contest high school American history essay contest high school
american history essay contest high school American history essay contest high school
american history essay contest high school American history essay contest high school
american history essay contest high school American history essay contest high school

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