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They are not allowed to use the elevator because the hotel manager is worried that they will frighten his white clientele. This is a perfect example of a situation that the Civil Rights Act of would have made illegal if the situation had been in the time after the law was passed. But because it was in the time before the Civil Rights Act of , it was completely legal.

In The Express, blacks that had come to support Mr. Davis in the cotton bowl sat in section that was apart from the whites. This indicates that the seating arrangement of the cotton bowl is segregated. They had probably paid the same amount of money or perhaps even more for those seats than the whites had.

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If the Civil Rights Act of had been passed before his event then the blacks could have bought tickets for any seat in the stadium, if they had the money. Favorite Quote: I hope to change someones life one word at a time. Hopefully, it's a positive change and it's for the better, but any change at all is a step to an amazing new future.

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More by this author Follow amanda View profile. Report Abuse Print. The civil rights movement should thank God for him. The apparent Birmingham defeat for King in reality was the key point in which the battle to win civil rights became a national fight with the President as one of its strongest allies.

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Before the Birmingham situation, Kennedy kept a fragile balance with the civil rights activists and the Southern Democrats. While in office, Congress consisted of a great number of Southern Democrats with some liberal Northerners and Western Democrats Loevy 8. In order to pass many of his liberal programs, a large number of them economic, Kennedy needed the support of these Southern Democrats. To add to this complicated situation, Kennedy knew that while the Southern Democrats would not support civil rights proposals directly, his economic plans, including aid to education and raising the minimum wage, if approved, would benefit the black population.

Kennedy also needed the Southern Democrats voter support in the upcoming presidential election to secure re-election. Any aggravation to this party would only guarantee a loss for Kennedy. Motivated by the Birmingham situation, by the summer of Kennedy could no longer placate the Southern Democrats by leaving civil rights.

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Read More. Words: - Pages: 5. Essay The Civil Rights Act situations, where an employee can be discriminated against due to a variety of reasons by another employee, or sometimes a manager or supervisor, both of which are absolutely unacceptable and unprofessional from both a civil rights and a business standpoint.

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Words: - Pages: 4. Words: - Pages:. Words: - Pages: 7. Words: - Pages: 6. The law was originally meant to solve the problem of discrimination witnessed during voter registration.

It was also expected to solve discrimination present at workplaces and schools where there was widespread racial discrimination Term Papers words 2. A major Civil Rights event that occurred in America that was a key part in shaping America into the country it is today was the Civil Rights Act of which was proposed by President John F. Kennedy and signed into law Lyndon B. The Civil Rights Act of , which ended segregation in public places and banned employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, or religion. The Emancipation Proclamation may have freed the slaves from their masters, but it did not ensure freedom in society.

African Americans faced abuse, segregation, and discrimination in every corner. Some African Americans moved to the North, it had been an escape from slavery before, yet the North was no longer a safe haven, African American faced the same treatment there Johnson, John F. Term Papers words 4 pages.

It made possible the first large-scale progress in breaking down job segregation, a primary goal of civil rights activist from at least s onward. During the Civil Rights movement not only blacks, but also many whites were treated unfairly. People began to protest for what they believed was right at the time. The Civil Rights Act of made many things possible for individuals.

essays on civil rights act Essays on civil rights act
essays on civil rights act Essays on civil rights act
essays on civil rights act Essays on civil rights act
essays on civil rights act Essays on civil rights act
essays on civil rights act Essays on civil rights act
essays on civil rights act Essays on civil rights act
essays on civil rights act Essays on civil rights act

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