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Some exams may suggest how much time you should spend on each question or even give you a time limit for each question.

Having suggestions and limits like these may help you to budget your time. If you exam does not provide a guide for how much time to spend on each question, develop your own time budget at the beginning of the exam. For example, if the exam period is one hour long and you have to answer three questions in that time frame, then you should plan to spend no more than 20 minutes on each question.

Look at the weight of the questions, if applicable. For example, if there are five point short-answers and a point essay, plan to spend more time on the essay because it is worth significantly more. Don't get stuck spending so much time on the short-answers that you don't have time to develop a complex essay. Write as quickly as you can. While you do not want to write so fast that you are not thinking about your answers, remember that you are on the clock. Consider the question and plan your answers well, but then try to write your answers as quickly as you can.

This strategy is even more important if the exam has multiple essay questions. If you take too much time on the first question, then you may not have enough time to answer the other questions on the exam.

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Stay on topic. While it is okay to let your mind wander a bit when you are writing a formal essay, you need to stay focused on the question when you write an essay exam response. Otherwise, you may end up providing unnecessary information and losing points for not including the information that was required. If feel like you are straying away from the question, reread the question and review any notes that you made to help guide you. After you get refocused, then continue writing your answer.

Try to allow yourself enough time to go back and tighten up connections between your points. A few well-placed transitions can really bump up your grade. Be confident -- that's the first thing. Everyone is like you -- all of them are afraid during exams. This is common.

The 6 Basic Types of Short-answer Questions

Just be calm and focus and believe in yourself. Yes No. Not Helpful 2 Helpful Write your answer in a sequence. Divide your answer in parts. Generally this includes an introduction, main body and a conclusion.

Why do instructors give essay exams?

Not Helpful 11 Helpful Most exams may be taken with a black pen, but you should always check with your instructor first. It is not always necessary but you can. It will demonstrate your understanding. Not Helpful 9 Helpful Provided your answer is long enough, or if you are covering multiple topics, yes. Usually paragraphs will be necessary if a question contains more than one part or sub-question.

Not Helpful 6 Helpful It is not. A semicolon is not a full stop punctuation; it links together two independent clauses. Use a period at the end of a sentence. Not Helpful 3 Helpful They are expecting from you to write a to-the-point essay with precise and concise information as well as relevant required information for the given topic. Not Helpful 1 Helpful Not Helpful 5 Helpful Try to find quotes that seem interesting to you, that caught your attention while reading a text, or try to connect them to something else you know you won't forget.

You can also remember the main idea of a quote and paraphrase it. Just do your research, think about the topic and write about it as if you would tell somebody in an email or letter. Not Helpful 15 Helpful Unanswered Questions. How do I answer an essay starting with the word demonstrate? Answer this question Flag as Flag as How do I arrange my points neatly and in sequence in an essay?

What are the basic questions to ask myself as a guide for answering essay questions? What do I consider as important and how can I know whether I am repeating a point or not?

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Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips If you are worried about running out of time, put your watch in front of you where you can see it. Just try not to focus on it too much. If you need more practice, make up your own questions or even look at some practice questions online!

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Rated this article:. SN Sundari Nandyala Aug 5, One more aspect to emphasize is to decide how much to write, depending on the marks allotted to that particular question. MS Mir Saira Oct 1, I came to know what to do and what not to do in an examination hall. Thank you. Perumal Mar 24, KD Karthik D. Oct 28, Very helpful. MA Monika Agarwal Sep 9, I love this a lot. Biruk Alemayehu Nov 18, SM Shreya Mishra Aug 25, Typically, a comparison of the similarities and differences between the two items highlights some major concepts in the topic at hand.

Be sure to try to address these in your answer. This type of question usually involves the use of specific examples from class. Do not simply list terms or concepts. Write out sentences and complete thoughts. A thorough explanation is usually not required. Anything more and you might be treading in the too much information category. In other words, write an explanation of the meaning of the data or figure. Keep it simple. Labels should be used whenever possible. Use complete sentences with a subject and verb. Organize your ideas in a logical manner, but do not worry so much about proper sentence and paragraph construction.

Example 1 -- A long question with a short answer Example 2 -- When highlighting does not work.

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Example 1 -- A long question with a short answer. Example 1 Example 2. Example 1 Example 2 Example 3. Do not just make a drawing and expect the instructor to figure out what you were thinking from this. Understand the question Example 1 -- A long question with a short answer Example 2 -- When highlighting does not work. Use relevant technical terminology to answer the question Example 1 Example 2.

Analyse, Explain, Identify… 22 essay question words and how to answer them

Correctly use the relevant biology and science terms that you learn from your courses. Do not expect the instructor to make these connections for you. Making a drawing can often assist you in your answer Example 1 Example 2. However, your written answer must explain what is in the drawing. A hallmark of a good scientist is that they support statements with evidence.

Do not write too much Example. Do not try to write everything that you have ever heard related to the question. Do not write a good answer to the wrong question Example. In other words, make sure that you answer the question that is asked and not something else on the related topic. Do not expect the instructor to figure out what you mean Example 1 Example 2 Example 3. The question will always involve two or more related items. These words alert you that the instructor wants a fair amount of explanation.

Provide a definition similar to that you would find in the glossary to your textbook. Here, a simple list of concepts or terms should be sufficient. Put the data or figure into words.

structure for answering essay questions Structure for answering essay questions
structure for answering essay questions Structure for answering essay questions
structure for answering essay questions Structure for answering essay questions
structure for answering essay questions Structure for answering essay questions
structure for answering essay questions Structure for answering essay questions

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