Safety features in cars essay

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Many models are incorporating some of the features that Kelley Blue Book KBB included in its list of the best automotive technologies of Several of the features covered by KBB were safety related. For example, KBB referenced teen driver technology, which can impose various limitations on teenage drivers or notify parents of dangerous behaviors.

Another feature cited by KBB was adaptive cruise control, which uses sensors to match speeds of vehicles in front of you. Noting that illumination was vital in preventing nighttime collisions, KBB noted that LED bulbs do not need to be replaced. KBB also mentioned rear cross-traffic alert and lane departure warning features, which can be important in reducing distracted driving crashes.

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KBB also referenced automatic emergency braking AEB , which automatically applies brakes through sensors, and degree camera systems. The numerous improvements that automakers are making to their vehicles will hopefully prevent many crashes. Despite all of these technological improvements, it remains an unavoidable truth that car accidents will still occur.

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Car Safety Features

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safety features in cars essay Safety features in cars essay
safety features in cars essay Safety features in cars essay
safety features in cars essay Safety features in cars essay
safety features in cars essay Safety features in cars essay
safety features in cars essay Safety features in cars essay
safety features in cars essay Safety features in cars essay

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