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His beliefs rubbed off on a young Pompey, who quickly rose in the political and military ranks. Opposite to him was Caesar, who was hated by Sulla and also rose to prominence swiftly. It was only a matter of time before the two would face off against each other for ultimate power in Rome, which culminated during the civil wars. Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student.

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In the s, the cultural leaders were horrified with the experience of the war….

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Julius Caesar Essay

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Biography of Julius Caesar

He left Rome and remained in Gaul until his invasion of Italy. He continued north of the Alps each summer and he would leave his army there in garrison each winter while he came south to conduct the civil administration of Cisalpine Gaul and Illyricum and to keep in contact with Rome. Caesar became determined to conquer and make a province of the whole of Gaul. After his defeat of the Belgic tribes in the north and the submission of the maritime tribes on the Atlantic seaboard, he believed that the task had all but been accomplished. Caesar decided to make two short reconnaissance expeditions, one across the Rhine.

In a longer and more serious invasion of Britain he crossed the Thames and received the submission of the supreme commander of the southeastern Britons, Cassivellaunus. Caesar had avoided recall to Rome at the end of the five years of command voted to him by coming to a fresh agreement with Pompey and Crassus at Luca. In Rome there was support in the senate for a negotiated compromise when Curio put forth the proposal by which Caesar would give up his military command and stand in person at the consular election on condition that Pompey abandon his military command at the same time.

On January 7, 49 BC Antony and one of his fellow tribunes were warned that their lives would be in danger if they sustained their veto and the proclamation of military law was passed. Caesar was told to leave his troops behind and cross the Rubicon into Rome alone. Caesar knew that this was a death sentence for him so he did not leave his troops but marched into the city and caused a civil war. From the time that he had first faced battle in Gaul and discovered his own military genius, Caesar was evidently fascinated and obsessed by military and imperial problems.

He gave them an absolute priority over the more delicate by no less fundamental task of revising the Roman constitution. The need in the latter sphere was a solution which would introduce such elements of authoritarianism as were necessary to check corruption and administrative weakness. When Caesar was out of Italy after 49 BC real power lay in the hands of his representatives. This representative was Mark Antony.

enter site Much resentment was felt by prominent senators like Cicero on account of the great power and influence of such against of Caesar. The month of July was named after Caesar and his statue was placed in the temple of Quirinus. Caesar was considered to be a dictator for life.

According to the traditional Republican constitution this office was only to be held for six months during a dire emergency. Caesar also obtained honors to increase his prestige. He wore the robe, crown, and scepter of a triumphant general and used the title imperator. He was also in command of the armies. Caesar used his dictatorship and used it to increase his power.

pompey and caesar essay Pompey and caesar essay
pompey and caesar essay Pompey and caesar essay
pompey and caesar essay Pompey and caesar essay
pompey and caesar essay Pompey and caesar essay
pompey and caesar essay Pompey and caesar essay

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