Mongolian tsagaan sar essay

Tsagaan Sar in Mongolia 2013

The Khadag on the arms, the guest puts his forearm on those of his host, while uttering the phrase "amar baina uu? Sar shinedee saikhan shinelej baina uu" , which means "do you live in peace? Are you celebrating New Year in a good way? The hostess serves tea with milk and traditional dishes.

While the men exchange their snuffbox , people generally discuss the course of the winter. The guests drink three times, usually vodka. After meal, when the guests are ready to leave, the host offers them a gift. Mongolians attach great importance to the first day of the new year, because they think it affects the rest of the year. Thus, Mongolians have a religious ritual called "Khiymorio sergeekh" to call good fortune. During Tsagaan Sar, the Mongolians also follow the ritual of ovoo to thank gods and nature. Horseback Mongolia is a Franco-Mongol travel agency based in Ulaanbaatar since Between discovery of the country from every angle landscapes, culture, lifestyle, activities,..

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Similar contents. Golden eagles festival. Yak festival. The nomads day festival. Stay with a family of yaks herderds' cooperative. Subscribe our newsletters And we will recommend you our best travel ideas. Your email. Horseback Mongolia. Join us on. Another but different bowl of candy. And finally, a plate of steaming hot buuz dumplings. Now the drinks.

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  2. Tsagaan Sar - White Month - Mongolian Lunar New Year - Gobi Gua Undur Mongolia.
  3. WHITE MONTH NATIONAL HOLIDAY – Traditional Mongolian Lunar New Year.

Touch the liquid to your lips or a gulp but no thanks for me and give it back. Then Mongolian vodka. Then regular vodka sometimes for females, definitely for males. Then homemade beer. Then fruit juice.

And finally, a refill of your milk tea. Once food and drink have made the rounds, the men pull out a satin pack from the front pocket of their dell and carefully unroll it. Inside is a small snuff bottle, held with an open palm, thumb gripping the cap, and exchanged with one hand supporting the other. You can unscrew it, take a little ground tobacco onto your thumb and finger to snort, or just inhale the fragrance of the bottle which is what I do.

It smells good, like baby powder. Hand it back to the owner or to the next person as carefully as it was given to you and always with one hand supporting the elbow.

Mongolian national new year: Tsagaan sar

Unfortunate One: Sheep. An example of a traditional Tsagaan Sar food spread. In the kitchen, the younger women of the family are busy rinsing dishes, plating food, steaming buuz , boiling milk tea and getting gifts ready for when guests leave. People definitely go into debt for this.

Mongolian tsagaan sar essay

And then there is the school greeting. I had a vague sense that whatever was going to happen would happen in the big auditorium so I went up there, opened the door, and every single teacher turned their heads to look at me, the latecomer. Teachers were seated around the perimeter of the room in dells and fur hats and latest arrivals would make their way around greeting each and every single person.

All I remember is getting dizzy and wiping sweat off my nose. A Buddhist monk had walked in and was setting up on stage. As the room settled down and people began to find their seats, the monk began a beautiful song-chant that went on for at least fifteen minutes. A candy bowl was circulated and I was told to take three pieces and hold them in my left maybe right, I forget palm. One of my counterparts held her keys and wallet, too. The monk began a different chant and at certain parts, everyone would hold up their palms and move them in a circle three times while responding to the chant.

Monk chants, congregation responds. After the monk made his blessings, a few teachers prepared and started passing around plates of slivered mutton, auurul , and candy. The music teacher went around the room with a tiny stemmed shot glass and Chinggis Khan vodka. Eventually, the shot glass became so full that he insisted that teachers actually take a decent sip so he could add new vodka for the next person.

The first time he insisted on this was when the glass came to me. Later, once school was back in session, the foreign language department would visit each other and I spent a Monday night knocking back vodka, wine, and milk for two hours. Needless to say, I got drunk. With my supervisor and her mother. The two cups there hold homemade Mongolian drank. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

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Mongolian tsagaan sar essay
Mongolian tsagaan sar essay
Mongolian tsagaan sar essay
Mongolian tsagaan sar essay
Mongolian tsagaan sar essay

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