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Each staff member had a nametag that carried the name of an extinct animal. Jimmy immediately recognized this as being related to the game he used to play with Crake, Extinctathon. Crake explained that these individuals were all Grandmasters of the game. All of the individuals were involved in many of the acts of bioterrorism that once plagued society. Crake got a hold of them before they were caught. In exchange for a new identity, they went to work for him. A few had abandoned the project early on; Crake was forced to eliminate them from the picture.

Jimmy wondered if any of the people knew his mother. Crake quickly whisked him onward. He was going to explain what else they were doing at Paradice—the main project. Crake showed Jimmy a large one-way mirror. Behind it were shrubs and a blue sky. He admired their beauty, turned to Crake, and asked if they were robots. Crake said that they were the equivalent of floor models at a furniture store. Later that evening Crake told Jimmy the complex number of splices that were made in order to produce a Craker. The Crakers were self-reproducing—Crake had programmed them to die at age 30 to avoid any of the sickness and anxiety related to old age.

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Across the world, other companies were trying to come up with similar prototypes so the existence of the Crakers was top secret. They were endowed with fortified immune defenses to combat any illness they might pick up from the staff. All of the scientists who worked in Paradice were prohibited from leaving the complex.

Only Crake was allowed to leave. Jimmy was also to be an exception to the rule. Crake explained that the MaddAddam crew was only allowed to leave the complex after the company had gone public with their creation. Jimmy could see how this project would appeal to a wide variety of people. Who groups of people could be programmed for beauty and kindness. The BlyssPluss pill and the Craker project were invented to work together.

The reduced birth rates of humans would allow the Crakers to serve as an alternate to the human species. Crake was amazed by what his team had accomplished. Pseudospeciation, for example, had been eliminated by programming the Crakers not to notice differences in skin color. As they were strict vegetarians, they had no need to kill animals or farm. They survived simply on grass and leaves.

A simple species, they had no need to create shelters or money or anything else of inheritance. That which so many of humankind fought over was eliminated from the picture in the world of the Crakers. Crake explained to Jimmy that they had done market research on the different qualities that buyers might want in their Craker. Jimmy asked if they could speak, Crake answered affirmatively. Jimmy wanted to know if they had the ability to tell jokes. Crake said that they were still working on that. That evening Jimmy was moved into a suite inside of the Paradice complex. All of his things were there with a sizeable number of new additions.

Everything was to his liking. Crake in Love Lightning and thunder resound over Snowman who lies crouched on the rampart. It would be a fatal moment. However, Snowman cannot decide which moment is actually the fatal one. Oryx entered so many times—as a child in a porno, as a teenager on TV rescued from a locked garage, as a stark naked teacher to the Crakers. He has so many images of her entering his world that he is not sure which one would be considered the fatal one.

He hears her laugh in his ear. Jimmy had not seen Oryx at first. She blended into the crowd of naked Crakers with her beauty. It was only a few days later, when Crake was showing him how to work the controls of the camera, that he spotted her face.

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Jimmy was full of both happiness and fear at that moment. She was now a real person—not just an image. He asked Crake who the woman was. Crake explained that she was serving as a go-between, someone who could teach the Crakers about botany and zoology. Sprayed with a citrus chemical to hide her non-Craker scent, she would creep into their arena through a hidden door behind foliage.

Jimmy wanted to know how Crake met Oryx. Crake had given them the print out from the internet that he and Jimmy had seen years ago in order to help the office find her. When Crake became the head of Paradice, he hired Oryx to work alongside him. Oryx emerged from the shower room with her damp hair braided. Oryx explained that she found the Crakers very relaxing. Jimmy wants to know if the Crakers ever wonder where they came from. Crake realizes that he has missed the point and explains to him that any desire to know such things has been edited out of them.

Oryx jumps in and says that they did ask her that very question. She told them that Crake made them. The Crakers, however, were not interested in knowing more. He feared the problems that would arise with Crake if he did so, so he avoided it. Whenever he felt the need, he headed off to the pleeblands to satisfy his sexual needs. It did not take away his desire for Oryx. He worked diligently at his job, coming up with catchy phrases to accompany the advertisements for BlyssPluss.

At night, when he could not sleep, he would feel sorry for himself. She came to his suite and quickly had him in bed. Oryx told Jimmy that she did not want to see him sad, especially not about her. Jimmy worried about Crake. Crake lived in a world of thoughts and was her boss.

He did not have time to spend with her. Jimmy thought that perhaps his love for her was blinding. Crake simply did not see what was right in front of him. He was always touching Oryx, something that he had never done with anyone else. In addition, Jimmy sensed that Crake trusted Oryx. She was in charge of making contacts in the pleeblands for the marketing of BlyssPluss. It was hard on Jimmy when Oryx was away on business. When she returned from a trip, she would come to his room in the middle of the night.

Jimmy found Oryx to be new and refreshing each time he was with her. He never seemed to tire of her. He wanted to uproot her emotional connections to her troubled past. Oryx, however, did not want to explore these feelings. When asked what happened in the garage she was locked in, she would return the question with a question. Pretending not to know what Jimmy was talking about, Oryx would try to convince Jimmy that he was imagining things.

She could not understand why he was so preoccupied with her past. After much pushing, Oryx would finally give in and talk about her past. However, Jimmy was not satisfied with her responses. For example, Oryx spoke only kind words about the man who kept her in his garage. Oryx felt that Jimmy always thought the worst of people. Takeout Snowman knows that the next part of his story is one that has troubled him for a long time. He has replayed it many times. The alternate scenarios that could have taken place haunt him.

He wished he had known that something was going to happen, a gut feeling. That evening she had come to his suite after working with the Crakers. Jimmy had asked her where Crake was. Oryx replied that he was outside of Paradice in a meeting. He asked her if she loved him. Oryx laughed. Oryx got dressed, ready to head out. Jimmy asked her not to leave. She told Jimmy that she was coming right back; she was only going to pick up a pizza.

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Jimmy suggested that they drop everything and leave Paradice. Oryx laughed, telling Jimmy that he was funny, and that they were already together. Jimmy suggested that Crake might know about their intimate relationship. He had started searching his room for bugs, hidden cameras, and microphones that might be secretly recording the reality of his relationship with Oryx. Snowman thinks back to the signs that he missed. Crake had once asked him if he would kill someone he loved to spare them pain. Jimmy had been unsure of how to answer because a number of factors would influence his answer.

Crake changed the subject by telling Jimmy that he was depending on him to continue the Paradice project if something happened to him. Crake felt that only Jimmy had the empathy required to deal directly with the Crakers. Jimmy asked about Oryx taking over. Crake replied by saying that if he was not around, Oryx would not be around either. Jimmy had taken it as a joke.

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Jimmy revealed to Oryx that he was convinced that Crake had been snooping on them. He did not mean it at first, but after it was out in the air, he realized that it could be true. He was not sure if he wanted to scare Oryx or not. Oryx was not convinced. She did not think that Crake would be jealous because he fundamentally did not believe in jealousy. She pointed out that perhaps Jimmy was jealous. Oryx would not leave the project because she believed in it. She was dedicated to seeing it through. Oryx made Jimmy promise that if she and Crake were gone that he would take care of the Crakers.

The request made Jimmy anxious, but he agreed. Snowman wonders why she asked him that. How much did she know about what was about to happen? Airlock Jimmy had waited impatiently at first but as time went on and Oryx had still not appeared his impatience turned into panic. A bulletin came in at nine forty-five describing an outbreak in Brazil.

Jimmy received it as he was second in command and Crake was not present. Then, more notices came in. The outbreak was spreading all across the world. It was a major plague. Jimmy tried to get in touch with Crake but he could not be reached. He watched the news.

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The bioform appeared to be a hemorrhagic, causing death in a surprisingly short amount of time. She was bawling. Oryx told Jimmy that she did not know; she was sorry. Jimmy, confused, asked her what she meant. Oryx explained that the pills she was selling had been the spreading agent. The line died. Jimmy began to worry about the infection reaching Paradice. What if Oryx was already infected? The staff of Paradice was worried. They were not sure what to do next.

Jimmy, still in charge, did not know what to do either so he simply told them to do nothing. Waiting it out seemed to be their best option.

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Jimmy told the nervous staff that their main goal was to protect the Paradice models, e. Everyone was to be kept out of the complex. Crake sounded inebriated, a rare occurrence. He claimed that everything was under control. Jimmy angrily replied that nothing was under control. He confronted Crake about the real motives behind the BlyssPluss Pills. Crake said that he would be returning soon—he was at the pizza place. Jimmy hoped that perhaps Crake had found Oryx and would bring her back to safety. He went to check on the Crakers.

They slept peacefully under their fabricated night sky. Jimmy sat in a chair waiting for Crake to return. He turned on the news only to see even more reports of death. He went to the storeroom and took out a spraygun. He told all of the staff members that they were safe and that they should return to their rooms.

Oryx and Crake

Jimmy walked them to the airlock and let them exit to their rooms. He viewed them as already being dead. Nobody was in the inner part of Paradice but he and the Crakers. At dawn, the monitor beeped. Someone was trying to enter. Jimmy had changed the code, so their old code did not work. He saw Crake on the video monitor. Crake told Jimmy to open the door. Jimmy told Crake that he was not going to let anyone in. Crake objected, saying that he should be an exception. He explained that he and Jimmy were immune to the bioform because the antibody was in the plebe vaccine that they had both used many times.

Jimmy opened the door outer door for Crake.

He asked where Oryx was. Crake had Oryx with him. Jimmy held on to the spraygun and opened the inner door. Crake was splattered with blood. He had Oryx across his arms, a knife in one of his hands.

Jimmy shot Crake. The chapter leads up to this climax through a series of revelations, recalled by Snowman as he walks through the Paradice complex that he once called home. Jimmy is hired by Crake as the ad producer for the BlyssPluss project. As Snowman plays through his memories, the reader finally begins to learn what Crake had in store for the world.

Plans that he believes that he realizes that there were clues about Crake s worldview and forth between the novel does he does she shape the children of phrases and plans that there were clues about Crake is Oryx s motives. Downloading text is forbidden on this website. You can get this essay on your email. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. This material is available only on Freebooksummary.

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Sorry, but only registered users have full access. How about getting full access immediately? Become a member. She wants to get ideas across to you, not to spend her energy polishing the sentences. Sometimes this means that she lapses into a style that is simply a vehicle for imparting information, and although it is useful for a tale set in the future, in which there is inevitably so much to observe and elucidate, it can begin to grate.

The narrative voice becomes almost like a tour guide, always there at your elbow, to explain and clarify. Still, from time to time Atwood does delve more deeply into Jimmy's mind. She is rightly celebrated for her explorations of the female point of view, but here she manages to write convincingly from the point of view of a man - and a man, what's more, brought up in an emotionally stunted environment saturated with pornography and commercialism.

Jimmy comes rather poignantly alive, especially in the parts of the novel that deal with his unhappy childhood and his relationship with his depressed and rebellious mother. It is good that he does achieve a certain depth, because he is the only fully realised character whom we meet. Jimmy's friend Crake, who harbours dreams of scientific experimentation that finally take the whole world as a laboratory, should be a crux of the novel, but he is never more than a vehicle for the plot.

Perhaps he has to be rather inhuman and unsympathetic to fill this role as an updated Frankenstein, but he remains a shadowy figure to the very end. And what strikes the novel's only really duff note, oddly, is its main female character, Oryx. Oryx is Jimmy's wet dream - indeed, he first glimpses her as a child on an internet porn site: "She was small-boned and exquisite, and naked like the rest of them, with nothing on her but a garland of flowers and a pink hair ribbon. The act involved whipped cream and a lot of licking.

The effect was both innocent and obscene. After she has met Jimmy in the flesh, Oryx gets the chance to tell him some of her own story, how as a child she was sold into slavery in some south-east Asian country, and then reached freedom in north America; but she always evades showing emotion, and is never more than a beautiful blank. Her voice was silvery, like a music box.

oryx and crake essay prompts Oryx and crake essay prompts
oryx and crake essay prompts Oryx and crake essay prompts
oryx and crake essay prompts Oryx and crake essay prompts
oryx and crake essay prompts Oryx and crake essay prompts
oryx and crake essay prompts Oryx and crake essay prompts

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