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This is because we tend to write in a similar way to what we read on a regular basis. Find something that interests you and start reading, whether it be in a book, via a website, or another place. As you read more and more, your own style of writing will deepen. It will develop based on your own experiences and the influences you have had. You can broaden your own horizons as an author by reading various styles of writing. When you write, remember to stay true to who you are.

Writing is an art-form that allows you to express yourself from within. Trying to be someone you are not will hinder your writing journey, not help it. When I say be honest with who you are, I mean staying true to yourself. This will include your own values, your beliefs, your feelings and who you are as a person.

This is because you may be forcing this writing and the piece will not flow. When you write something that is not from who you are, it can confuse your reader. This is because it will be difficult to sustain your voice as a writer. As a result they may not want to read more of your work. When you writes from within, the reader is able to see parts of who you are as a person and can get to know you better.

I read a book a while back on business growth. It was a good book and I learnt a lot from it.

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As a result I then followed the author and starting reading her other books. Shortly after this she changed styles. This author jumped on that trend and began swearing through all her books. One of her books had so many swear words in it that her book would have been several pages shorter if she had left them out.

12 Types of Creative Writing to Explore

This writer delighted in telling her readers that this particular book had only taken her four hours to write. It felt forced and more as if she created it to make money rather than give to the reader.

It felt a bit sad because she had some good information to share but appeared to lose sight of who she was as a writer. When you write from who you are you will not need to change your style part way through. Find your own style of writing and own it! Writing as part of who you are should come to you naturally and not feel weird or be a huge struggle. If you find that writing in general is difficult it could be for several reasons:. If you have created a proper writing habit and you are stuck, try getting inspiration.

This could mean reading other forms of writing to refresh you or taking a break from writing.

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A half hour walk while you listen to music may be all it takes to put you back on track. If you are still struggling, then chances are, you are not writing in a style that is congruent to who you are. As you can tell I love to use a conversational writing style when I put pen to paper. For me it feels like I am able to share my thoughts and feelings with someone like I would if they were sitting next to me.

Types of Writing Styles – About Writing: A Guide

When you write, choose a style that allows you to express yourself. That may be in expressing yourself through creative writing , allowing the poet in you to come alive or sharing your life experiences in a helpful how-to form.

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  • Whatever it is, it should leave you feeling like you have shared what you want to. You should feel energized and excited about your work, not drained and struggling to create more. Once you have found your style the only other thing you can do is write, write, and keep writing. The more you write, the easier it will come to you and the better you will become at expressing yourself through your words. You have a gift to write and you need to use it to share your message with the world. Once you gain recognition and perhaps even earn a little money via this technique of getting published, you may find more doors opening to you.

    Songs It's hardly a leap from poems to songs; after all, what are lyrics but poetry set to music? If you have a musical sense or can partner with a talented artist who is able to put a melody to your musings , you could find a great amount of personal or even professional success in the business of songwriting. You may be able to sell or give away, if you're not concerned about lucre at this point your songs to smaller musical groups in your community as a way of having your words and images heard by audiences.

    Ask around or put an ad in a local paper or local online publication and see if you can connect with a fledgling group just looking for new material to showcase.

    1. Expository

    Plays If your head is filled with stories, you may be able to effectively turn them into plays. Even in this age of virtual living and satellite television programming, there's still an attraction to the "legitimate theatre". After all, acting is probably the second-oldest profession and was even associated with the so-called 'oldest profession' at one point…. Getting your play produced isn't as tough as you might imagine.

    If you have a decent product, you might be able to entice a local university, secondary school, or community theatre to give it a go. Via this technique, you will get a useful look at how audiences react to your characters, storyline, and dialogue, which can only serve to make you a better playwright. Novels Do you have a tale that you feel must be told?

    If so, you may want to seriously buckle down and begin working on a creative novel. Getting published may take some time, and even if an agent or publisher agrees to work with you, you'll be expected to market your work yourself through book signings and "meet the author" events.

    3. An attention-grabbing opening

    However, if you're determined to succeed as a novelist, you could just become one of the runaway best-selling authors of the early 21st century. Never underestimate the power of the creatively written word, and never underestimate how far your innovative imaginings can take you! Styles of Creative Writing. Previous Page.

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