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Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More. Read More. Words: - Pages: 7. Words: - Pages: 4. Essay A Interview On My First Year called to go out in between the weight room and common because there was a problem so i grab my radio and i ask mr shipley because it was after school and there was no here, just me, so i go out the back doors and there 's a pirate ship! Words: - Pages: Critical Analysis of Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom Essay and lived his life to the fullest up until the very last breath of his happily fulfilled life.

Words: - Pages: 5. Essay Personal Note On Double Trouble average four year old I was particularly excited when my mum approached me with the news that I was going to become a big sister. Words: - Pages: 8. Popular Essays. Ready To Get Started? Create Flashcards. I was blushing and my face was so red. I really can't forget this huhu. There must be many embarrassing moments as is the case with anyone else. One comes to mind. I was calling my niece and expecting her to respond.

Even before she could say anything I just said 'Hi sweetheart' but it was her father who picked up the phone. I quickly put the phone down. That is funny! But why did you put the phone down in an instant? That would make you somehow be suspicious of something bad. Did you ever talk to her dad after? Like explain something? I bet you regret putting down the phone. I can remember one from youth which I hesitate to even recall here!

My Most Embarrassing School Moments

But since others have been so brave, I will try to be as well. I was a hyper sort as a child. I was never formally diagnosed with ADHD, but looking back on myself in younger years it would not surprise me to discover I fit the spectrum.

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It was very difficult for me to sit still and be focused for very long, and I was prone to weird behavior as a type of stress release valve after having been subjected to those circumstances for too long. This sets the stage for a particularly fun afternoon in second grade. We were having a pizza party as a reward for something or another; my memory fails me. My friends had gotten up to get another slice and I was content to sit by myself while they got in line, singing the "fart" song. This was nothing more than me tunelessly singing "fart fart fart fart" over and over again.

Of course, the class priss, and known tattletale, just had to be walking down my aisle at exactly that moment. I looked up, still singing my silly little song, and looked her dead in the eyes as I proclaimed "fart fart fart fart". She naturally assumed I was calling her a fart and stomped off to the front of the room.

Being the naive little thing I was, I'd not realized what I had done. I was not calling her a fart, she just got caught up in the general vicinity of my manic revelry. But she tattled on me! I looked up just in time to see the old, knotter-hair teacher storming down the aisle towards me.

The Most Embarrassing Moment Of My Life - Words | Cram

She grabbed me by the ear and hauled me out into the hallway to yell at me. I still had no real idea what I'd done and was too shocked by the way my teacher behaved to speak up in my own defense. I was allowed to come back in after a while and sat there quietly, beet-red with shame, for the rest of the afternoon. Sorry to hear that. I wouldn't call that embarrassing to be fair, more like an unlucky moment in your life.

If everyone else was singing the song as well, could you not have just explained it. Oh I wouldn't call that embarrassing but that is a terrible thing rather! I understand that you were young and defenseless but didn't you tell your mom or dad about it? Even so, the teacher shouldn't react like that because whatever a student or a child does they shouldn't be pulled by the ear or yelled at.

My Most Embarrassing Moment Essay

The same with you, I've had a lot of embarrassing moments in my life. But one thing I could never, ever forget is when I was still in grade school. I was walking down the school grounds - I think I was heading towards the room for the science classes. There were a lot of people around, and one of my crushes yes, I had many was just around the periphery. The funny thing is I tried to look cute and cool at the same time, and didn't look where I was walking.

So yes, I continued doing that in the hopes that my crush would somehow notice me, and guess what? He actually did notice me Everyone saw how my forehead kissed the metal pole and of course they laughed. I ran home crying that day - not because I felt embarrassed that everyone laughed at my own misery, but because my crush saw me make a fool of myself. Oh my. That really does suck; although, it does make me chuckle, I must admit, to my shame. It is especially terrible when you blow it in front of a crush.

My most embarrassing moment essay: How worse could it get?

Did you ever end up going out with that person anyway? I would have thought you were cute, lol. Anyway, I have done stuff like this so many times. I am a natural-born klutz, that's for sure, so I am adept at making an ass of myself. My last name is Milford, and instead of Murphy's Law, my girlfriend says there is something even worse: Milford's Law.

Wow, I feel sorry that you had to go through this!

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It must have been hard for you. I also had an embarrassing moment when I was in school. I was told to speak on stage, but the problem was whenever I spoke in public, I stammered. So when I went on the stage, I stood there without saying a word. I was very anxious and everyone was staring at me. After nearly a minute had passed, I could utter some words. But I stammered in between what I said, and I didn't know whether people understood me. I could hear some girls laughing at me, and that made me feel terrible. After I was done speaking, I hustled out of the stage feeling ashamed of myself.

That was a moment I would never forget! We all have that one or more embarrassing moments in our life. I think it's more challenging if we have this kind of experiences. Without these moments or experiences, our life would be, well, boring base from my own perception. I also had a lot of troubled times which makes me want to hide anywhere else every time I remember all those experiences. It might be embarrassing but it also serves as a lesson for us to be more careful in taking our actions. When I was in the public bus, I noticed some guys where staring at me. I thought something was wrong with my hair or my bra strap was showing.

However, least as I was expected, I didn't realized that my jeans zipper had slipped down, opening half, showing my blue underwear. It was obvious and so embarrassing. This has probably happened to almost everyone in the world even for the perfectionist. Who would even expect such things to happen?

This is like a natural occurrence specially on very rush and stressful days. I have had this happen to me, as well, as a guy. This is embarrassing, but it's not like you were doing it on purpose. I think people can be pretty cruel too when you have your embarrassing moments, and I seriously can not stand to be stared at.

I usually turn bright red and feel my ears get hot if I perceive that someone or others is persistently staring at me. I am 45 years old and can still blush. Yes, it is so embarrassing that you just wanted to dig a hole and bury your head in it. Just don't know where to look at since you knew that people are knew what had happened. I am just like you in that I have had so many that I don't even know which one to pick. I guess the most recent one I can recall is when I recently fell and busted my ass in front of a whole school bus of high school football players and cheerleaders.

It had been raining, and it was early in the morning. I was walking out of a hotel with my girlfriend, carrying all of my luggage and wearing slick dress shoes. I was already off balance because of the heavy bags, and right when I stepped on the wet brick outside the door, I started slipping. I tried to do some crazy contorted dance to keep from falling, but it did not work, and I crashed down hard as hell on the wet brick.

Meanwhile, a bus full of kids started howling and laughing at me uncontrollably, and I had to pick myself up, with my girlfriend's help, and do the walk of shame to our car. It wasn't too pretty, let me tell you. She said that I turned beet red, and I actually hurt my back and tore up both of my knees. Contorted dance! XD More like distorted one by the looks of it. I can really imagine how you felt during that time. That has probably happen to me once or twice or I guess many times because I couldn't remember!

Good thing nothing serious happened to you. It was like being back in high school again in the worse nerd way. However, at least I did not crack my skull open or shatter my elbows, etc. There haven't been too many embarrassing things happen to me recently to be honest. I think the most embarrassing thing happened quite a while ago.

It must have been around years ago. It had been snowing extremely hard the day before and the floor was extremely icy. I was walking towards school and I must not have been concentrating on what I was walking on because I just slipped and slid for a bit. It wouldn't have been too bad except for the fact that there were so many people around me just laughing. I don't actually remember anyone laughing when I had this, the most or one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. I was pretty young, maybe eleven or twelve and I was perusing the adult section of the Prince George public library.

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essay about an embarrassing experience of your life Essay about an embarrassing experience of your life
essay about an embarrassing experience of your life Essay about an embarrassing experience of your life
essay about an embarrassing experience of your life Essay about an embarrassing experience of your life
essay about an embarrassing experience of your life Essay about an embarrassing experience of your life
essay about an embarrassing experience of your life Essay about an embarrassing experience of your life

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